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What’s In The Newest Huawei Wallet Kit

by Larry Gendron

Can you imagine an invisible wallet that you can store your own money for purchasing virtual products and services? In this world that we currently lived in, it’s totally possible to imagine the probability nowadays. With bitcoin and stocks, we don’t see it but we can really consider it as part of our financial assets.

Huawei has stepped up their game by introducing the newest Wallet Kit. Sounds interesting right? Just to be clear, Huawei is not selling actual wallets or a high-tech wallet that does the same thing as their impressive devices. It almost feels as such because of its capabilities in the tech realm.

The main purpose of its creation is to enable its users to have exclusive access to claim passes of merchants, like the exclusive royalty cards for shops, awesome gift cards for your loved ones, unlimited coupons to claim, boarding passes for your next getaway, event tickets for your much awaited concert and even transit tickets for daily transport.

It provides convenience to its users for a cashless transaction and prompt usage of the following perks and services. No need to get wads of cash or even use your credit card. With the wallet kit, you can make a button or maybe a link for your app that adds passes for your Huawei wallet. This way you can easily view and monitor your purchases straight from your device. But before you get to use and enjoy this feature, you need to do set-up your wallet kit on your device first. 

Setting up the Huawei Wallet Kit

  1. First, you must make an account under Huawei and have that account signed in via Huawei Developer. This is the same tab where most developers design and create their apps. You’ll need to make your own app as well to enable the use of Huawei Wallet Kit API which you can locate under the AppGallery Connect tab. 
  2. Then, you will have to choose and sign up your own Huawei Wallet Kit in the app to configure the specific callback address and merchant service accounts. You’ll also need to enable a tool to use to get your own public key and have it sync to the Huawei server.
  3. You will need to access another tab and go to Android Studio IDE and make your own project in that file. Have your project be configured through the connection available under the HMS Core Wallet SDK.
  4. You must contact Huawei as well to have the Wallet Kit API and get your own template of the merchant information for the Huawei Server.
  5. Then lastly, make one last call and also setup the HMS Core Wallet SDK required to run it successfully and be able to use it. 

Once you’re all set, you should be able to generate a JWE that you can use to add a pass to the Huawei Wallet. Remember to keep your wallet kit secured and safe and never share it to anyone to protect your privacy. Sharing sensitive details as such can harm your data information and may attract fraudsters that will take advantage with it.

For full details about setting up the wallet kit for your account, just visit the official Huawei website. You’ll get more information with its uses and perks to maximize its full benefits in your device.

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