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Building a location-aware app with the Huawei Site Kit

by Larry Gendron

Since mobile applications landed on smartphones, building location-aware apps have been considered very appealing. Just think Airbnb. A location-aware app allows you to navigate a specific area. It can also allow you to find the needed services around. Ride-sharing apps are also very much invested in this line of technology.

To make a location-aware app, you need a site kit. One of the best site kit around is the Huawei site kit. It has a global reach and access to more than 100 million locations worldwide. However, a site kit is not the only thing needed to build a location-aware app.

Three Things You Need To Build the Perfect Location-Aware App

Here are some things that are a must when creating a location-aware app.

1. Global Positioning System

Also known as the GPS, this is responsible for pinpointing the exact location of the user. Speed and accuracy are what make GPS the best option among the lot. It works very fast and users are especially pleased by how accurate it can be.

While using the GPS, it’s important to take note of some things. For one, the GPS is going to take a lot of battery strength. Also, you need to use it on a really good internet connection.

You need to consider this combined with the type of users and accessibility to the internet before making a decision.

2. Maps

If you are planning to build a location-aware app, then you will definitely need to include a map. A map will ensure that your user can see exactly where they are and how far it might take to move to their preferred location.

Having a map really makes things easier for your user. It’s definitely one feature that I will recommend any day of the year.

3. The Huawei Site kit

You are also going to need a site kit. This gives you access to all the details you need regarding places, their services, and their rating. As said earlier, this is absolutely crucial when building a location-aware app.

The Huawei site kit is the best option here. It has everything you need to succeed. Plus, it comes in more than 12 languages making it one of the biggest mobile site kit out there.

If you want to leave your user leaving all good and ready to trust your app, this might just be the right site kit for you.

Other Alternatives

If you are looking for an alternative to GPS, you can always try using hotspots locations around the city. You can also use the assisted GPS feature. While these options are cheaper than GPS, it is less accurate and slower.

At the end of the day, placing your user’s needs and internet capability first will definitely yield the right results.

Final Thoughts

Building the right location-aware app will require using the right tools and features. These are some of the most important ones you should have. With a little bit of genius and careful analysis, you will be able to build an app that you are absolutely proud of. So, make it happen.

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