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Web hosting for your blog

by Larry Gendron

Web hosting is a little tricky to make recommendations on. You want to balance reliabilty and features with cost. For your first blog, you probably want something relatively cheap. I see GoDaddy offers webhosting for around $5/month if you pay for a year. I am not sure of all the details. I see a couple more options for $6.64/month and $14.24/month that mention unlimited websites, the the $6.24 only has 25 MySQL databases. You can have more than one blog on a database, but it is easier to have one blog per database. You could get one of these options and host multiple blogs. After you had the webspace, you could add new blogs for the only cost of registering a new domain. I have a dedicated web server myself at iMountain. But I signed up for this before I saw the spaces at GoDaddy.

What you want in a web hosting service is reliability. You want to be able to put up the blog(s), and not have to worry about them. The great thing about blogs is you can put them up, add posts, and then forget about them from time to time. The money keeps coming in. But then you want to keep posting as more posts, mean more potential earnings.

The amount of disk space on a web host is not too important. You don’t need a lot of space unless you plan on having a lot of pictures, or videos. Pictures are good on a blogs, but for videos, you might be better off posting them at YouTube, and using them as traffic conduit to your web site. But I’ll talk about that later.
You’ll need MySQL. You’ll want a decent amount of Data Transfer. Though unless you blog becomes sort of viral hit on the web, you wont need a whole lot to start.
After you get web hosting, you will need to change the nameservers of your domain to point at your new web server. you web hosting service will give you the nameservers to use. If you registered you domain through GoDaddy like I suggested you can point the nameservers like this:

1. Login to your GoDaddy Account.
2. Click Domain Manager in menu on the left.
3. Check the box next the domain you want to change.
4. Click the Nameservers menu item along the top.
5. Click the Custom nameservers option (unless you are hosting at GoDaddy).
6. Enter the nameservers given to you by your web hosting service.
7. Click OK.
8. That’s it.

If you don’t like the place where your are hosting your blog, it is easy to move it. You would just have to get a new web host, upload all the stuff, and then point your domain to the new web host.

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