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The New Huawei HMS Cloud Services

by Larry Gendron

Huawei HMS cloud services are one of many aspects that makes the Huawei developer platform any app developer’s holy grail. The Huawei cloud services although still in its beta testing phase, is revealing serious potential. Currently, there are other cloud services one could turn to. But the Huawei cloud service is already revealing qualities that set it apart from other cloud services.

The relevance of the Huawei cloud services to app developers is even more magnificent. The importance of the cloud service is similar to the financially-oriented HUAWEI wallet kit. Although we might not be able to cover everything about the Huawei cloud services, we aim to do justice to the basics.

So what do the Huawei cloud services entail? What are the features of Huawei cloud services? How does the entire cloud platform work? What are the more outstanding advantages of using Huawei cloud services? All these would be answered in this article.

Overview of the HMS Cloud Services

The Huawei HMS cloud services similar to any other cloud service allows you to store a large amount of data and information in various forms.

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Documents of all formats and many more.

Huawei HMS cloud services are built to last and to properly handle any sort of digital file. The HMS cloud services function in basically the same fashion as your other regular cloud services. An awesome feature of the Huawei HMS cloud services is that users can open their files through the AppGallery Connect platform at any time and from anywhere.

The term users used earlier refers to both the end-users as well as the developers. As a developer, it should be normal for you to have a cloud service that automatically backs up your customers` info. This backup would be done after clearly explaining terms and conditions and getting approval from end-users. As an app developer, the Huawei HMS cloud services are essential in managing user information.

Major Advantages of the Huawei HMS Cloud Services

  1. First and foremost, the data storage capacity is at EB-level (Exabyte). This means that with the Huawei HMS cloud services, space is not an issue.
  2. Next, errors are very easy to identify and fix.
  3. Next, the Huawei HMS cloud services provide developers with a high amount of client SDK. Hence information and data generated by the users of your apps remain as secure as needed. That is until the information is desired to be deleted (either by you as a developer or by the end-user). Note that the provided SDK is responsible for generating secure and simple APIs.
  4. Last but not least, the Huawei HMS cloud services are cheap. Currently operating on a somewhat free usage policy. This is because the services are still in their Beta testing phases. With time, however, the cost of using the service would depend on how much space is being used, the frequency of use (traffic), and the number of requests. But the usage of the HMS cloud services would remain relatively cheap.


With Huawei HMS cloud services, you do not have to worry about data loss or storage anymore. With all the above-mentioned advantages, the Huawei HMS cloud services would be quite beneficial to any developer.

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