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Why the Honor Watch ES Should Be Your Top Smartwatch Choice

by Larry Gendron

A lot of smartwatch brands have flooded the market in recent times, all loaded with various characteristics. You most likely have one on your wrist right now. But, do you now there is a smartwatch brand that stands out from the lot? The Honor Watch ES is the smartwatch label you should consider. The question on the minds of most people reading this post right now is: is this Black Watch ES worthy of replacing your previous smartwatch? The outstanding features it comes with will convince you.

Honor Watch ES Features

Ergonomic Design

The Honor Watch ES comes in an aesthetic design that is ergonomic in every sense. The wrist strap is made from the breathable and lightweight material, allowing you to wear it on your wrist all day comfortably. The 1.64-inches AMOLED touchscreen with quality ambient lighting features enables easy reading of all displayed data at any time.

Fitness Features

The Honor Watch ES is the smartwatch for fitness enthusiasts. It has over 90 indoor and outdoor fitness training exercises, 44 illustrated fitness motion exercises, and 12 short exercising moves. In short, this smartwatch makes for a great virtual fitness trainer. The fitness programs all come with input from professional fitness trainers, so you are assured of getting the best out of your fitness routine daily. The great thing about the fitness mode of this smartwatch is that it automatically detects when you are exercising and the specific workout motion you are doing.

Health Data Features

With the Honor Watch ES, you can get real-time data on the state of your general health at all times. The 24/7 Heart Monitor function on this smartwatch provides you with precise readings on your heartbeat rate, alerting you in a timely fashion to any abnormal heartbeat readings. This smartwatch utilizes HUAWEI TruRelaxTM technology to measure stress levels and help you reduce stress with relaxing breathing exercises. It also boosts restful sleep for people suffering from sleepless nights with the TruSleepTM technology. You can also check the levels of oxygen in your blood with the SpO2 monitoring function.

Long-lasting battery life

This Black Watch ES by Honor comes with a battery that works without interruption for up to 10 days after you charge it fully. The battery gets full in just over an hour. Fast charging technology enables charging up to 70% in only thirty minutes if you can’t wait for it to charge fully.

Miscellaneous features

Other great features of the Honor Watch ES include reading texts and viewing all calls without taking out your phone, snapping photos with your phone by activating the camera via the smartwatch, controlling audio playback, and viewing the weather forecast. For women, this smartwatch helps them to notify them of the start of their ovulation or menstrual cycles.

Now that you know the amazing features of this unique smartwatch, it is worth spending your money to replace your former smartwatch with the Honor Black Watch ES.

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